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SharePoint File Migration pt 2

June 30, 2023 Community IT Innovators Season 4 Episode 27
Community IT Innovators Nonprofit Technology Topics
SharePoint File Migration pt 2
Show Notes

Join Community IT experts Norwin Herrera, IT Business Manager, and Robin Harris, Cloud Technologies Engineer, for a case study of an ongoing, large, and complex SharePoint migration they are managing with our client, Chinatown Community Development Center. 

Part 1 covers an introduction to SharePoint, some clarification of the terminology and a run through of some FAQs, and the introduction to the case study, including our 4 step process for migration.

Part 2 covers change management tips and an extensive Q&A session with the audience of nonprofit practitioners. Listen and see if your question was answered! A full transcript is available on our website.

Learn to:

Migrate files with confidence

Learn best practices and what to expect

Learn to plan a SharePoint migration and mitigate the impact on your staff

  • Has your nonprofit been considering moving to SharePoint file sharing in the cloud?
  • Are you moving files from an on-premises server, an older iteration of SharePoint, or from a different cloud platform like Dropbox or Google Drive? 
  • Are you moving files from multiple locations to a unified SharePoint?
  • Does your nonprofit have the capacity to manage a large (or small!) migration project?
  • Are you in the midst of a migration and wondering how to make it more of a success?
  • Looking for pointers and tips?

The best practices we have developed for SharePoint migrations are applicable to any size organization with any number of files. The basic process is the same. This webinar is a run-through of the steps to take to make your migration a success.

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