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AI and Ethics for Nonprofit pt 2

September 29, 2023 Community IT Innovators Season 4 Episode 40
Community IT Innovators Nonprofit Technology Topics
AI and Ethics for Nonprofit pt 2
Show Notes

Join Community IT CEO Johan Hammerstrom and nonprofit AI expert Sarah Di Troia for a conversation about using Artificial Intelligence with ethics both within your organization as staff do their jobs, and with your community as you work with your partners, volunteers, and funders to achieve your mission. 

Part 1 covers basics about AI and the ways nonprofits are using AI in innovative ways. Sarah also covers AI readiness and gives some guidelines for getting ready to create AI policies at your nonprofit.

In Part 2, Sarah and Johan discuss the ethics of algorithms and take audience questions on policies, risks, and how there are no really good policy templates (yet!) This field is changing so quickly we're sure to do more webinars and podcasts on AI as it evolves. 

AI tools are growing ahead of the capacity of governments, the private sector, and nonprofits to develop policies around the ethics of these tools. It is clear the marketplace is not going to slow down on introducing new applications of AI. Sarah Di Troia argues that the nonprofit sector is uniquely positioned to understand, evaluate, and publicize the impacts of AI on our communities, including our work communities.

Join Sarah and Community IT CEO Johan Hammerstrom for a deep discussion of AI applications and ethical questions, and learn to craft governance policies for your own nonprofit.

As with all our webinars, this presentation is appropriate for an audience of varied IT experience.

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